Nέα κυκλοφορία: Bastian Baker – Tattoo On My Brain

Ο νεαρός Eλβετό; τραγουδοποιό; και performer Bastian Baker,μας συστήνεται με το τραγούδι “Tatto On My Brain”, το πρώτο single από το επερχόμενο άλμπουμ του με τίτλο “Facing Canyons”. H νέα κυκλοφορία  περιέχει και ένα indie dance remix που έχει επιμεληθεί ο παραγωγός Donut Jam.

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Bastian Bake “Tattoo On My Brain” (Music Video)


Bastian Baker’s artistic destiny took shape as he was only 15, in the secrecy of a bedroom, together with a guitar and a pen. His first texts and his first chords date back to that period, already giving a glimpse of a possible breakthrough, that wasn’t long before coming.

Since his first album in 2012, which sold more than 200’000 copies in Switzerland, France and Belgium, Bastian Baker performed hundreds times around the world in prestigious venues such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Olympia in Paris, Summer Sonic in Japan, Paleo Festival or Les Francofolies of La Rochelle.

In spite of his short career, he obtained numerous other praises and rewards. He appeared on the French TV show Taratata. He won three Swiss Music Awards in two years and became Switzerland’s third favourite celebrity in 2012 after a public vote during the 2012 Swiss Awards. He also performed on the NRJ Music Awards in 2013.

The following two years after Bastian Baker’s first breakthrough have given him the opportunity to play at opposite sides of the globe; in Japan, Russia, USA and in Europe (England, Germany, France, Belgium).
A musical journey that is bound to take him further.