Imany: My April Diary…

Δείτε το μήνυμα της  Imany για τον Απρίλη και το νέο της άλμπουμ.

It’s April already and I love it ! It’s my favorite month of the year ! First month of spring !

It’s also my birthday month ! I love to celebrate it ! what a blessing so many people won’t get that chance…
Therefore i will release April 29th my brand new EP !

You can preorder it of course on iTunes right now !

‘There were tears’ acoustic version for the french radio RTL on the showLe Grand Studio RTL! You can buy my single on iTunes and pre-order my EP here :

Infos pratiques 

Same time last year i was touring in Poland, Italy, Germany and many more…

This year You decide where I’m playing ! All you have to do is name your city and I’ll come running !

Vote for it, make your friends vote for it too ! Do what you have to do so that I’ll come to the city with the most votes ! got it :

Meanwhile I’ll be in :

  • VILLIERS-LE-BEL April 08th
  • LILLE  April 30th
  • SOFIA May 14th
  • ANKARA May 15th
  • CALAIS May 20th
  • RABAT  May 25th
  • PERIGNY June 10th
  • VARSOVIE June 18th
  • COGNAC July 5th