New Lancia Ypsilon Mya

The new Ypsilon Mya was presented in Milan at the exclusive Spazio Arôme, for the event called “MYA Space: driving emotion”. This special series is ready, once again, to win the hearts of women motorists with its unique style that is as unconventional as they are. The presentation was as unconventional as the car. It was conveyed through the experience enjoyed inside the car and by playing on the dualism between the space of the passenger compartment and the inner space of the customer.New_Lancia_Ypsilon_Mya_02.jpg_cmyk

A prologue of Lancia’s ambassador, the actress Kasia Smutniak, accompanied the original “journey” along with the use of video mapping, the new frontier of art and technology that consists of projecting computer graphic “images” onto real surfaces to achieve spectacular 3D projection effects. Thanks to this evolved projection technique, guests were able to become fully immersed in the discovery of the new Lancia car and its aesthetic values.New_Lancia_Ypsilon_Mya_04.jpg_cmyk

The new Ypsilon Mya is, in fact, an example of hand crafted production that starts with both the use of quality materials, like the exclusive Alcantara® and printed fabric with a denim look, and refined colour research that resulted in two new exterior colours: the elegant pastel Ardesia Grey, included in the price, and the sophisticated three-layer Lunare Grey, available upon request. One of the major innovations in the car’s look is the exquisite satin finish found on the entire profile of the grille of the front bumper, on the inserts of the bottom grille, on the door mirror covers, on the handles, on the Ypsilon badge on the tailgate and on the exclusive “Mya” logo on the wheel arches. Last but not least, the customer can choose a different colour by selecting his or her favourite shade from the palette: pastel Neve White, metallic Vulcano Black or the pearlescent Blu di Blu.Kasia_Smutniak_Lancia_ambassador_02

The new Mya special series can be admired in Italy during the open door weekends slated for 16-17 and 23-24 April.

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